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Fire Incense

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The Fire Incense is a wonderfully Woody-Orange Citrus smelling incense which benefits from the magical scents of white copal resin, frankincense resin, cloves, and ginger which are combined painstakingly with various herbs, woods, and essential oils associated with the Fire Element.  All Charmed's loose incense recipes all have base notes, middle notes and top notes for a pleasing aromatic incense.  To burn our loose incense, use a heat safe bowl, dish or shell using a charcoal puck on sand.  You can also heat it in an aroma lamp or add it to boiling water on the stove to enjoy the divine smell.  All Charmed Incenses are always made in small batches with high quality herbs, resins, woods and essential oils.  Each test tube of Fire Incense contains a carnelian crystal to infuse the energy into the incense.

Note: Not to be consumed.