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All Charmed Chakra Oil - Throat


This clean revitalizing scented Throat Chakra Oil has a Blue Lace agate crystal rollerball for an energetic application that will balance and align your throat chakra.

As with all of our chakra oils, the best place to apply it is to the back of the neck on the spine. It can also be applied to the throat chakra (throat area) or anywhere on the body as a perfume oil. 


Associated glands - Thyroid

Associated element- Ether

Qualities/Functions - free/creative self-expression, communication, inspiration, confidence, integrity, wisdom, truth, freedom, independence, access to subtler levels of being.

Affirmation -

  • I freely express my thoughts and feelings
  • I always communicate clearly and effectively
  • I express myself freely and easily


All Charmed's Throat Chakra Oil contains: pure fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oil (as the base oils); cypress essential oil*; sage essential oil; clove essential oil; frankincense essential oil; eucalyptus essential oil; peppermint essential oil; jasmine essential oil; and lavender essential oil*.

*certified organic essential oil