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All Charmed Chakra Oil - Sacral


This floral smelling Chakra Oil has a Red Carnelian crystal rollerball for an energetic application that will balance and align your sacral chakra.

As with all of our chakra oils, the best place to apply it is to the back of the neck on the spine. It can also be applied to the sacral chakra (between naval & genitals) or anywhere on the body as a perfume oil. 


Associated glands - Reproductive Organs

Associated element- Water

Qualities/Functions - Desire, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, enthusiasm, relationships, connection with nature, openness to others and personal creativity.

Affirmation -

  • I feel creativity streaming through my body, soul and mind
  • I am naturally open to others
  • My creative and sexual energies have the power to create and transform


All Charmed's Sacral Chakra Oil contains: pure fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oil (as the base oils); sweet orange essential oil*; sandalwood essential oil; ylang-ylang essential oil; patchouli essential oil*; jasmine essential oil; rose essential oil; clary sage essential oil; and lavender essential oil.

*certified organic essential oil