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Sterling Silver Double Helix Jewelry

All Charmed Double Helix earrings and pendants are handmade using sterling silver and genuine gemstones, such as Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. As well as being beautiful, these stones are known for their energetic properties. 
All of our jewelry is crafted in the sacred symbol of a spiral. A spiral represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds; taking a labyrinth-like passage that leads to Source. The spiral symbol can also represent the consciousness of nature beginning from its center expanding outwardly. The numbers three (3) and seven (7) are recognised to represent completeness and are fundamental to our Jewelry.

Numerologists recognize that 3 is the number of the child – it symbolizes the growth and magic that results from the combination of two other things; it’s the metaphorical child brought forth from two parents, full of energy and possibility. Three is the first number that forms a geometrical figure, a triangle, and was considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. Three is the number of time: past, present and future; birth, life and death; beginning, middle and end.  Three is the number of the divine.

The number 7 is the first of what is known as the high vibrational numbers, representing perfection, security, safety and rest.  Seven contains the number three of the heavens and soul with the number four of the earth and body. It is found in the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven Chakras the seven days in a week, the seven notes of the diatonic scale and the seven circles in “The Seed of Life”.