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Iolite Aromatherapy Pendant


Aromatherapy Pendant with Iolite Chips, Lava Rock and Sterling Silver.  If you add essential oils to the lava rock you can benefit from crystal energy and aromatherapy whenever you wear this beautiful pendant. Because of the built in clasp. it can be an extension to your favorite necklace without damaging it the way other pendants may.  Additionally, you don't have the feeling of a clasp on the back of your neck, as it is tastefully incorporated in the overall design.

Iolite stimulates one's imagination and strengthens the aura. Iolite also enhances self acceptance and kindness in relationships.

Lava is known for its grounding qualities and for calming emotions. It also increases energy.

(Pendant only, does not include necklace or other items in photo. Necklace can be purchased separately.)