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Julie Saunders

Posted on December 03 2017

Welcome to the All Charmed Blog! My name is Julie Saunders and I am starting this blog to share my experiences and thoughts as I walk along the spiritual journey we call life.  Over the years I have gained an appreciation of how our interaction with the universe impacts ourselves and others.  It is my sincere hope that this blog will help others in their journey and I hope to better myself through the comments people leave.

I am the owner of All Charmed, a quirky online store where I sell the products that I make.  A large part of my life is devoted to using the gifts that nature has provided and studying their energetic properties.  Therefore, this blog will be focused on natural items as well as the energies that they produce.  I plan to post an article each month, and I look forward to the interaction with everyone who reads them.

Now before we go too far, I want to share a bit about me.  I live in Ottawa, Canada, and I like to support local businesses.  Ottawa is a great community with a lot to offer the world.  Therefore, I expect many of my blog posts will reference Ottawa and the region.  I hope that readers will get a little glimpse of what a great city this is and why I love it.  If it inspires people to visit, all the better.

Further, I grew up on Prince Edward Island, and most of my family are there.  It is an enchanting province that exudes the beauty of nature with its rolling hills and majestic sandy beaches.  Therefore, don’t be too surprised if I bring it up as part of a story in a future blog post.

It must be pointed out that I am not a medical specialist, and any information I share is simply based on experience.  Please do not think of this blog as medical advice, we have doctors for a reason 😊. What I share is my opinion and opinions should never be confused with fact.  I make mistakes and I am sure some of my mistakes will be pointed out as we go along.

Finally, I am a strong believer in the value of every person.  It is my belief that as long as people are peaceful and respectful, nobody should be judged.  We all have to take our own path in life and regardless of your beliefs or views, I want you to feel accepted. By that same token, I would ask for people to be respectful in the comments.  You don’t have to agree with what I say or the choices I make, but please express any agreement or disagreement with respect.

I am really excited to take this Journey with you and hope we can enhance each other.