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Intense Energy This Week

Julie Saunders

Posted on January 27 2018

Hi there,

I thought I would do an extra blog article this month to draw attention to a special event coming up on January 31, the Blue Moon, Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse.  January 2018 marks a rare event with TWO Full Moons falling in the same month called a BLUE MOON.  In addition, BOTH of our January Full Moons are Super Moons. Oh Yeah, and it is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse.  Energetically, January 31 is going to check all the boxes.

Furthermore, the 31st has ancient spiritually significant energies associated with it anyway. This Wednesday will be an energetically amazing day, so if you ever wanted to take a leap forward in your spiritual journey, this may be the right occasion for you.

BLUE MOON Energy…  Our 31 January 2018 Full Moon is a Blue Moon, two Moons in a month. The last Blue Moon was on 31 July, 2015.  However, 2018 has two Blue Moons; January 31 & March 31. It is rare for two Blue Moons to happen in the one year.  The double Blue Moons only happens about 3 to 5 times every 100 years!

SUPERMOONS…  In addition, full mon on January 31st is also a Super Moon, and the is the LAST one for 2018.  Energy is very intense during a SUPERMOON and this is the fourth Super Moon in a row which just compounds the energy (every full moon since November has been a Super Moon). Expect to feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances, and anticipate expressive, lucid dreams. You may also find your intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced and you become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment and everything in it!  This is the perfect time to use crystals such as Auralite23, Lapis Lazuli or celestite to enhance your connection. (feel free to check out my online shop www.allcharmed for jewelry with great stones or visit my friends at Garden of Crystals in Ottawa for great gemstones).

Total Lunar Eclipse… A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is fully sitting in Earth’s shadow and the moon seems to vanish or turn a blood red, which is why it is also called a blood moon.  Sun and moon are opposing which can make the energy challenging and intense, but there is also harmony in this yin & yang relationship they are experiencing.

During the Full Moon, we are drawn into our emotions and the deepest part of our psyche, this is more intense during a Lunar Eclipse, so we can surrender and let go of parts of our self that limit our potential. The energy of this Total Lunar Eclipse will stir up childhood memories.  We re-experience how we felt in our youth… This will be a deeply insightful Full Moon, lots of emotional insights… just watch out for feelings of anger!!! Seeing a theme yet? lol

PLUS… this Eclipse is influenced by the Lunar Nodes & Ceres birthing an Awakened vision of Womanhood…  This full Moon will draw our attention to women. The North Node is in Leo is, so the energy of the Full Moon will be crazy intense.  Women will feel strong, confident, willing & empowered as they connect to the Divine Feminine.

Beyond the astrological events going on, there are ancient rituals associated with this time of year, for example: Imbolc / Brigid’s Day and Disfest / Disablot.  January 31 is, in Norse mythology, the Disfest or Disablot which is a day of sacrifice held in honour of the female spirits or deities the Disir and the Valkyries. The Disir are all the female relatives from the eons of time that have passed over and over see as well as protect their living family members. In some homes every candle and light is lit in the house to honor them. A sacrifice of the very best food and drink in the house is given to the Land Wights as well. It is a day of remembrance and honoring the females that passed over and to thank them for their loving protection.

Imbolc has traditionally been celebrated on 1 February. However, because the day was deemed to begin and end at sunset, the celebrations would start on what is now 31 January. Since Imbolc is immediately followed (on 2 February) by Candlemas "feast day of Mary of the Candles", Irish Imbolc is sometimes translated into English as "Candlemas".  Imbolc is sometimes seen as a "women's holiday" with specific rites only for females and a traditional time for various initiations.  Imbolc commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. It is the day we honour the rebirth of the Sun.

In Gaelic Ireland, Imbolc was the festival marking the beginning of spring, during which great feasts were held, although in Canada more often people refer to it as the celebration to recognise that “Spring is coming”. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals: Samhain (~1 November), Imbolc (~1 February), Beltane (~1 May) and Lughnasadh (~1 August).  Imbolc is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and has been an important date since ancient times.

Fire and purification are important to the festival of Imbolc. Fire here represents our own illumination and inspiration as much as light and warmth. Imbolc is also known as Feast of Torches, Oimelc, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Snowdrop Festival, Feast of the Waxing Light, Brighid's Day, and probably by many other names. The holiday is a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring. Celebrations often involve hearth fires, special foods, divination or watching for omens, candles or a bonfire if the weather permitted.

So needless to say, there is a lot of energy during this week.  I encourage you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Best wishes during the coming week and may the universe treat you well during this energetically intense time.